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Premiere Hair Colour Experts

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Premiere Hair Colour Experts

Beaconsfield's Leading Colour Experts

With 25 Years Industry Experience your hair is in safe hands
Hair colouring  enhances your natural colour, generate confidence, or simply just because you want to look and feel fabulous!
At Premiere Hair, Colour is our speciality, and we have a reputation like no other for mastering the best colour transformations in Melbourne. We are the go to for Hair Colour Corrections and Vivid Colours. With 25 Years Industry Experience your hair is in safe hands!


Industry Leading Expertise


The experience and knowledge of a professional hair colourist is crucial to achieving your hair goals. We have some of Melbourne's finest hair colourists at Premiere Hair that  are up-to-date with the latest trends in hair colouring. Constantly training and educating to ensure we have the experience to colour hair exactly as you desire without damage.

What we do

  • Making sure hair colour complements skin tone & features
  • Applying expertise to techniques to enhance colour or ensure stubborn grey hair is 100% covered.
  • Close collaboration with a client to give you exactly what you want.
  • Advice on how to maintain your salon-coloured look.

Why Choose Premiere Hair

Hair colouring should never be done with a trial and error approach. Our expert hair colourists are on trend and can provide you with the latest, fashionable colours and innovative hair colour products available today.


Warm, welcoming atmosphere

Our salon is an inviting, warm space where you’ll feel right at home.

Professional quality products

We have the best professional-quality products on the market.


 Professional service

Premiere Hair colourists are highly experienced, expert hair colourists. We listen first and then offer our suggestions to give you your desired look.

 Proven track record

Having been in the industry for more than 25 years, we consider ourselves to be experts in the industry


Our Hair Colouring Services:


At Premiere Hair, we offer  a comprehensive range of hair colouring services.

Whether you want to flaunt a new fabulous signature look or rejuvenate your current hair colour, we are your go-to hair colouring specialists.  

  • Hair colour corrections (removing or changing a colour, and colour correction)
  • Permanent- and semi-permanent colouring
  • Highlights, Tinting, Toning
  • Hair Straightening
  • Hair Smoothing
  • Treatments
  • Extensions


    At Premiere Hair you are the star!

    Premiere Hair


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